You Name It…

wooden letter tiles

Is our name “His EYE IS ON THE SPARROW” OR “Sparrows Place”?

This past year we were offered a wonderful gift. CADE Advertising, Inc. (Rob Marshke and Chuck Colby) noticed the work of our organization and offered to host and promote our website and social media needs at no cost!

We learned that attracting traffic to our website using the name of a well-known song presented significant difficulties and were encouraged to consider choosing a “nickname” [for legal purposes it is called an “assumed name” or DBA.]

So now, “Sparrows Place” and “His Eye is on the Sparrow” both refer to the same organization. You may call us either, write a check to either, and (soon) find us at hiseyeisonthesparrow.org or sparrowsplace.org

You get to decide what you prefer to call us. Which one do you like the best?