The purpose is to provide family type living, based on Christian values, for developmentally disabled adults and young adults.

We have an advisory board that is made up of professionals and family members. The parents and guardians and siblings of the home members will be actively involved in their care.

It means that we believe that all people are created in God's image and that the spirit of God is in all of us. It means that the Caregivers and home members will care for and respect one another. We will give thanks for our meals and pray for help in time of need or illness. We will help our home members attend the church of their choice. We will celebrate major Christian holidays.

No. We welcome people of all religious convictions. Each resident will be free to practice his or her own religion. The only requirement is that the "Golden Rule" of respect for others be practiced.

We expect that the residents coming in to the house will be at least 18 when they first move in. There are no particular age requirements, though.

The home members can have a variety of disabilities. Examples would be Down's Syndrome, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy.

Yes, but they will be supervised when on day trips, such as going to the store or to a movie or restaurant. The home members will not generally be able to travel on their own without assistance.

Yes. We have been CARF accredited since 2012.